McDonnells Curry Sauce
 Chippus Currius

Responsible for: Concept and Art Direction
Created: TV, Cinema, Social, OOH and Digital Display
Created with: Georgia Murphy, Katie Kidd and Kris Klarkin​​​​​​​
Irish people who love Boyne Valley Group's McDonnells Curry Sauce, they are literally obsessed with it. It’s been feeding our souls for over 3 decades and has achieved cult status amongst it's loyal followers. For this campaign, we wanted to hero the followers and show their true love for this delicious curry sauce. Introducing the McDONNELLS CURRY CULT. 
This 360 campaign, with television, cinema, social, outdoor, digital and print which all serve up a piece of the magnificent frenzy that is the McDonnell’s curry cult

This cult classic TV spot received 5 stars on David reviews!

Oscar-winning graphic designer Annie Atkins illustrated our cult’s emblem.


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